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So you want to own your own business? Are you tired of the every day grind? Looking for a place you can be your authentic self and make a good living? Franchising may be a great option. But in the world of franchise offerings why Chop?

Because we have a history of customer care that flows from our staff to our franchisees. We did not just decide to franchise on a whim. We have thought this out from every angle. We have spent countless hours determining the processes that work from shop operation to furniture creation to building a Chop culture. With Chop you get the whole package including: a fully outfitted store (Yes, you do nothing unless you want to jump in and help!); a uniquely designed, easy to use E-hub which houses inventory systems, document templates, budget and profit analytics, etc; education from veteran barbers and stylists; a video training library; and more! All the tools you need to succeed are provided to you with 24/7 support. So what do you get when you sign on to open a Chop? The question should be what don’t you get!

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With Chop, you will also receive a customized product line developed by Chop stylists for Chop clients only, Big Top Hair Care. Yes, we have thought of everything!